For employers, trainers, students, you:
XAT is a test of skills in Microsoft Excel.
A valuable tool for people and business.

• XAT is the BEST test for Excel. Developed by internationally recognized Excel expert Tom Urtis, XAT reveals an Excel user’s REAL level of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert, better than any other Excel test.

• Convenient, Secure, and Confidential. Take the test anywhere: work, school, home, anywhere. No travel, nothing to download. XAT is secure on Tom’s server. Test scores are confidential to the payer or test taker.

• XAT is a no-bias test. Unlike other Excel tests, XAT does not bias menu, mouse, or keyboard preference. Each method can achieve the correct answer, so everyone’s Excel skills can be credited.

• Employers, trainers, agencies, and schools all benefit. Everyone gets a price reduction on bulk purchases of 10 or more tests. Save time and money to prequalify job applicants. XAT matches your Excel trainees’ skill levels to their appropriate training sessions.

• Customizable and up to date for trainers, employers, placement agencies, and students. Tests can fit any Excel version release, from legacy features to XLOOKUP and dynamic arrays. Contact Tom Urtis for your testing options: Power BI, Power Query, Word, PowerPoint, and more!

Take the test, and more about XAT.


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