XAT is a Microsoft Excel skills test for
you, your employees, and job seekers.
A valuable tool for people and business.

• Convenient. Take the test anywhere – work, school, home, favorite coffee shop – on any computer or device. No travel; nothing to download.

• Secure and Confidential. XAT is secure on my server. Test scores are confidential and accessible only by the payer or test taker.

• Up To Date. As new features are added to Excel and older ones become outdated, immediate revisions are made to keep all questions current.

• Customizable. XAT can be customized to fit the testing needs of Excel trainers, employers, and placement agencies. Contact me for your options.

• XAT is the best test for Excel. Created by internationally recognized Excel expert Tom Urtis. XAT identifies test takers’ REAL levels of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert in Excel, unlike any other Excel test.

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