Remembering Microsoft Excel MVP Nate Oliver, One Year Ago

Remembering Microsoft Excel MVP Nate Oliver, One Year Ago.

December 4, 2012 marks the one year anniversary for the sad loss of personal friend and Excel MVP Nate Oliver. This is my blog entry from that weekend after learning of Nate’s sudden passing.

During this past year, Nate’s name has come up countless times in Excel and Access forums by friends and Office users. Some posts were technical questions, redirected to an answer Nate has already provided. Other posts were simply made to recall Nate’s name, missing him in absence.

While I was at the 2012 MVP Summit last February, many MVPs, some of whom I’d never met of technologies other than Excel or Access, raised Nate’s name in conversation and fond memory.

I took this video on February 27, 2012 at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Bellevue, Washington, where Excel and Access MVPs had convened after hours, during the week of the Microsoft MVP Summit. Access MVP Duane Hookom recounts Nate’s memorial service that was held two months earlier in Minnesota, with the MVP award representation of lapel pins, guestbook insignias, and Nate’s MVP trophy. Duane also shared a picture collage of Nate, and led a toast in Nate’s honor.

Meanwhile, Nate’s Facebook page remains as active as ever.

And there have been several more tributes to Nate. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to express your comments at the bottom of my page here, or on the pages at these tribute links:

Crystal Long’s UtterAccess forum with links to pictures.

Bill Jelen’s MrExcel forum.

Microsoft Office MVP Round Up, special edition.

Microsoft Office Excel Blog.

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4 comments on “Remembering Microsoft Excel MVP Nate Oliver, One Year Ago
  1. Zack Barresse says:

    Thanks Tom, for posting. Nate had such a profound impact on those who knew him, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Makes me miss him.


  2. Thanks for that post Tom.
    I feel sad for such a loss.


    Jan Karel

  3. Dennis M Wallentin says:

    Thanks for posting Tom. In the online community Nate is still avlive and still contribute on a more regular basis than what I and other do.

    I think Nate would have been happy about it.

    Kind regards,

  4. Tracy Syrstad says:

    Thanks for posting, Tom. Watching the video brought back so many memories. Especially the time I met Nate in person – it was a Toronto trip Bill had invited us both on. One evening, we (me, Nate, John (my husband)) were walking around. I felt so safe having this TALL kid behind me *lol* – We had fun that trip. He was so easy going. Even the awkwardness meeting at the airport didn’t last long.


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