Sad Loss in the Excel and Technical Community

Sad Loss in the Excel and Technical Community

I’m writing this blog tonight with a heavy heart, as I just learned that Excel MVP and personal friend Nate Oliver has suddenly passed away.

For those of you who did not know Nate personally, he was a very smart, funny, and warm guy who never hesitated to help those who asked — and when he sensed it, to help those who didn’t ask. Nate touched countless thousands of people’s lives by sharing his knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Excel, other Microsoft and non- Microsoft applications, and his brilliant programming techniques.

Nate and I last spoke a month ago, with a tip he sent me about how to improve my web site for IE8 users. You are welcome to comment with your memories here, or at Nate’s Facebook page.

Nate will be sadly missed, not just by his own family but by the global technical family of which he was so valuable a part. Here are photos from recent MVP Summits, remembering the good times.

2009 MVP Summit reception.
Back row, left to right: Nate Oliver, Richard Schollar, Greg Truby, Chris Smith.
Front row, left to right: Tom Urtis, Bob Umlas, Bill Manville.

2009 MVP Summit, Rock Bottom Brewery, drinks and dinner
Left side, front to back: Ken Puls, Roger Govier, Greg Truby, Tushar Mehta (hidden).
Right side, front to back: Kevin Jones, Nate Oliver, Mike Rosenblum, Richard Schollar, Bill Jelen, Curtis Frye (hidden), Bill Manville.

2009 MVP Summit, Rock Bottom Brewery, “The MrExcel Gang”
Back row, left to right: Greg Truby, Nate Oliver, Richard Schollar, Bill Jelen
Front row, left to right: Zack Barresse, Chris Smith, Tom Urtis.

2009 MVP Summit, Rock Bottom Brewery, “MrExcel Togetherness”
This was Mrs. Smitty’s idea — while we were coerced by the empty pitchers.
Back row, left to right: Greg Truby, Nate Oliver, Richard Schollar, Bill Jelen.
Front row, left to right: Chris Smith and Tom Urtis.

2009 MVP Summit, Rock Bottom Brewery, Excel MVP’s group photo
Far back row, head and shoulders above the crowd is Nate Oliver, with Chris Smith.
Center row, left to right: Bill Jelen, Mike Rosenblum, Roger Govier, Richard Schollar, Ken Puls.
Front row, left to right: Zack Barresse, Greg Truby, Tom Urtis, Curtis Frye.

2009 MVP Summit, Nate and me

2009 MVP Summit, Nate with our mutual friend at Microsoft, Anneliese Wirth

2010 MVP Summit, Nate with Bob Umlas and Greg Truby

2010 MVP Summit, Nate and Patrick Matthews

2010 MVP Summit, me and Nate

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13 comments on “Sad Loss in the Excel and Technical Community
  1. Thanks for putting these up Tom,

    Nate will be sorely missed.


  2. Jon Peltier says:

    Tom –

    Thanks for the pictures. I hardly knew Nate. I remember wondering, when I did finally meet him in person, how could someone who was so smart, who knew so much stuff, could be so young.

    Too young.

  3. George Hepworth says:

    I still don’t fully believe it. Nate was so vibrant, so smart, so warm and caring. And so young. I think I can speak for many Access MVPs who considered him to be “one of us.” Truly he will be missed.


  4. Anneliese Wirth says:

    Tom, what a lovely tribute to Nate. Thank you for putting it together.

    These photos bring back great memories. If I remember correctly, the three of us bonded over a photo of your Zelda eating a piece of pizza…

    What a loss.

    – Anneliese

    • TomU says:

      Thank you Anneliese, and right you are…our pizza-eating parrot Zelda was the bond-trigger that day, from her perch 1000 miles away. Fun memory I needed on a sad day, thanks again.

  5. Crystal says:

    thank you, Tom — nice pictures. Nate was a good friend. I will miss him so much.

    there is also a thread on UA — posted 2 big files with lots of pictures on UtterAccess

    Farewell To Our Beloved Nate

    warm regards,

  6. Adam Snyder says:

    Thank You for putting this together for Nate!!! As I have said he loved what he did and loved his Microsoft Family!!! It has been so wonderful to read all these posts about Nate and see all pictures!!! Nate was the best Brother in Law a guy could have!!! On behalf of the Oliver/Snyder Family…..THANK YOU!!!


    • TomU says:

      You are so welcome Adam, and again my deepest condolences on your and your family’s loss. Please, if there is anything I can do, do not hesitate to ask.

      – Tom

  7. Zack Barresse says:

    Tom, thank you. I’m still at a loss for words. It’s so sad, such a brilliant and kind man, is now gone from us. Your pictures managed to put a smile on my face, remembering such good times. Indeed we had some great times. There will be a lot of things I miss about Nate. His banter, quick wit, eye for detail, sheer knowledge, but most of all his unyielding kindness. Those qualities are a rarity and we need more like him, not less.

    My deepest and most sincere condolences to his family, of whom lost the most.

    Zack Barresse

  8. Willy Oliver says:

    Wow– I am getting an insight to what my nephew was involved with at MVP. Some very noble comments. Just a great collaberation of knowledge and the willingness to share and make idea’s come to life. Nathan always spoke highly of the MVP community and you should all be proud of what you do as he and all his family where very proud of what he was doing. Thank you all for your sentiments and condolence’s.

    Uncle Willy Oliver

  9. Adam Snyder says:

    Again Thank You to everyone!!! I am posting a link on here for Nate’s Memorial. More details will come soon.


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