Slide 201 [Counting only text (non-numeric, non-error, non-empty) entries in a range]

Slide 202 [Formatting numbers for Indian Rupee.]

Slide 203 [Converting seconds to minutes and seconds, or to hours, minutes, and seconds]

Slide 204 [Counting numbers in a list that are positive, negative, or zero]

Slide 205 [Counting odd and even numbers in a range]

Slide 206 [Summing and averaging the last 3 (for example) numbers along a row]

Slide 207 [Returning the year's week number of a date]

Slide 208 [Verifying a text entry's true upper case]

Slide 209 [Conditionally formatting a month's number as even or odd based on dates]

Slide 210 [Getting information about a month based on one of its dates]

Slide 211 [Analyzing data based on specified alphanumeric characters]

Slide 212 [Summing or averaging numbers in alphanumeric strings beginning with specified characters]

Slide 213 [Using the spacebar operator to sum the intersection of two named ranges.]

Slide 214 [Formatting a zero to look like -0- (with a dash on either side)]

Slide 215 [Expanding the formula bar -- two methods]

Slide 216 [Averaging numbers between upper and lower limits]

Slide 217 [Summing and averaging numbers based on dates in a specified month]

Slide 218 [Returning the last row of a filtered table]

Slide 219 [Using the name box to enter and get help with functions]

Slide 220 [Parsing a decimalized number into its integer and decimal portions]

Slide 221 [Toggling to show or hide the Ribbon -- two methods]

Slide 222 [Listing a few rules and tips for VBA variable names]

Slide 223 [Explaining VBA's OR logical operator]

Slide 224 [From a list of values, randomly return any one cell's value]

Slide 225 [Explaining the VBA IIF (yes, that's I-I-F) conditional function]

Slide 226 [Generating a random whole number between any two numbers]

Slide 227 [Conditionally format the largest number in each row]

Slide 228 [Creating a list without blanks from a list with blanks]

Slide 229 [Filling the space in a cell from its left edge to the start of its numeric contents]

Slide 230 [Filling cell contents with a trailing character]

Slide 231 [Preventing the addition of new worksheets]

Slide 232 [Printing pages with the workbook's name in all footers]

Slide 233 [Automatically go to cell A1 for any activated worksheet]

Slide 234 [Controlling the times of day a workbook can be saved]

Slide 235 [Pre-sorting your UserForm's ListBox and ComboBox items]

Slide 236 [Showing the Add-Ins dialog box with a keyboard shortcut]

Slide 237 [Parsing a cell's value into 1 character per cell]

Slide 238 [Showing your computer's System information with a keyboard shortcut]

Slide 239 [Exporting data from each worksheet into its own text file]

Slide 240 [Recording the dates and times in a text file that your workbook gets saved]

Slide 241 [Formatting cell values to their column width without changing font size or column width]

Slide 242 [Showing your File Explorer directory with a keyboard shortcut]

Slide 243 [Finding your Excel Templates path]

Slide 244 [Converting military time to conventional AM/PM time]

Slide 245 [Looking up the column and row header labels of minimum and maximum numbers in a range]

Slide 246 [Showing an example of the PMT function]

Slide 247 [Returning the first and last numbers in a row, ignoring text and blank cells]

Slide 248 [Looking up the oldest date for a specified name having many repeats]

Slide 249 [Looking up the cell address of a unique item in a list]

Slide 250 [Calculating ages in years, months, and days]

Slide 251 [Returning everything to the right of the nth character]

Slide 252 [Finding the row of the first empty cell in a list]

Slide 253 [Counting multiple criteria items in a list with various other items]

Slide 254 [Summing every other cell along a row]

Slide 255 [Doing a horizontal lookup to find a cell's address]

Slide 256 [Extracting the first word in a string, or the entire text if there are no spaces]

Slide 257 [Summing two cells, but if both cells are blank, the sum cell is blank not showing zero]

Slide 258 [Creating a named range with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F3]

Slide 259 [Searching for a word or string inside another string]

Slide 260 [Using the last number in a list in a formula]

Slide 261 [Fusing 2 staggered lists into 1 list with Paste Special's Skip blanks]

Slide 262 [Bypassing data validation with a custom formatted reminder text for improper data entry.]

Slide 263 [Further customizing Social Security Numbers beyond the built-in Special category]

Slide 264 [Counting cells in a range that contain an error value]

Slide 265 [Calculating the percentage of numbers in a list that are positive, negative, and zero]

Slide 266 [Rounding a number to its nearest Nth whole number]

Slide 267 [Isolating and/or omitting parentheses and their contents]

Slide 268 [Converting a decimal number to an AM/PM time]

Slide 269 [Summing numbers in one column depending on text values in 3 other columns on the same row]

Slide 270 [Concatenating text with a formatted percentage calculation]

Slide 271 [Counting weekdays in a list of dates]

Slide 272 [Returning the first positive or negative number in a list]

Slide 273 [Counting numbers in a list that are greater than or equal to a specified number]

Slide 274 [Summing numbers in one column for a matching criteria date of varying formats]

Slide 275 [Counting specified text in two columns on the same row]

Slide 276 [Counting dates in a list that fall into a specified year]

Slide 277 [Counting occupied or blank cells while disregarding one cell]

Slide 278 [Adding or removing borders around selected cells using keyboard shortcuts]

Slide 279 [Locating a specified character's first position in a string]

Slide 280 [Calculating the absolute sum of differences]

Slide 281 [Showing 2 options to round numbers to their nearest hundred thousand]

Slide 282 [Showing the Spelling dialog box with a keyboard shortcut]

Slide 283 [Showing the Thesaurus in Excel using a keyboard shortcut]

Slide 284 [Getting the most-repeated value in a list]

Slide 285 [Getting the column number and letter of the last cell in a row that contains a number]

Slide 286 [Generating a random time between two times]

Slide 287 [Rounding times to their previous, next, and nearest quarter hour]

Slide 288 [Filling a range of cells with the value from a single cell]

Slide 289 [Finding the row and column with the largest and smallest number]

Slide 290 [Ranking to ignore zeroes and blank cells]

Slide 291 [Counting for a month, and for a year and month, in a list of dates]

Slide 292 [Listing a running count of repeated items]

Slide 293 [Counting blank and non-blank cells in a range]

Slide 294 [Showing different function results for parsed positive and negative decimal numbers]

Slide 295 [Getting your operating system's name and version from Excel]

Slide 296 [Counting unique entries in a list, ignoring text]

Slide 297 [Getting the first, second, and third most frequent value in a list, considering blank cells]

Slide 298 [Returning the last positive or negative number in a list]

Slide 299 [Summing a range of numbers formatted as Text]

Slide 300 [Showing the HYPERLINK function's link address with descriptive text ]