Slide 301 [Calculating and ranking production by the hour and by the minute]

Slide 302 [Looking up the maximum number and associated field value for a multiple instance criterion]

Slide 303 [Extracting a string between specific characters within a larger string]

Slide 304 [Extracting numbers and non-numeric characters from an alphanumeric string]

Slide 305 [Formatting a contrasting color for partial text between searched characters]

Slide 306 [Getting a comment shape's length dimensions of height and width]

Slide 307 [Summing cells located on and between the Start and End worksheets you specify.]

Slide 308 [Putting a space between all alphanumeric characters in a string]

Slide 309 [Using the "?" wildcard character as criteria to identify strings for COUNTIF and SUM]

Slide 310 [Calculating monthly payments on a balloon loan]

Slide 311 [Calculating how much money you can afford to borrow for a home loan]

Slide 312 [Selecting all cells with comments using a keyboard shortcut or the SpecialCells dialog box]

Slide 313 [Counts, sums, and averages for string criteria of "begins with", "ends with", or "contains"]

Slide 314 [Summing ranges using criteria for days in the past, days in the future, and days between specified dates]

Slide 315 [Summing numbers preceded by text and/or spaces in the same cell]

Slide 316 [Conditionally summing numbers that precede text criteria in the same cell]

Slide 317 [Counting for a specified case (in)sensitive alpha character in a single cell, and in a range of cells]

Slide 318 [Separating a string at the first found instance of a number]

Slide 319 [Evaluating a string for the presence of a number, or only containing a number]

Slide 320 [Sorting a list while ignoring leading articles such as "A", "An", and "The"]

Slide 321 [Calculating numbers in one column based on criteria for numbers within numbers in another column]

Slide 322 [Getting your desktop's directory path]

Slide 323 [Summing numbers that reside in the same cell]

Slide 324 [Listing dates for Monday through Thursday, bypassing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dates]

Slide 325 [Getting a string's last word and the substring starting with a last specified character's location]

Slide 326 [Summing numbers along a row at every nth column - - two formula style methods.]

Slide 327 [Using the Alt + DownArrow keyboard shortcut to show the Pick From Drop-down List or the Filter dialog box]

Slide 328 [Showing examples of the SUM, SUMIF, and SUMIFS functions]

Slide 329 [Showing examples of the AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, and AVERAGEIFS functions]

Slide 330 [Counting unique values in a list for a specified value in an associated list]

Slide 331 [Averaging numbers in a specified cell on several worksheets]

Slide 332 [Locating an embedded object (a chart in this example) and programmatically enter data outside its area]

Slide 333 [Programmatically saving and closing all open workbooks except this one]

Slide 334 [Summing every range of Nth cells along a row]

Slide 335 [Concatenating a list (bypassing blank cells) into a single cell as a delimited string]

Slide 336 [Summing a filtered and unfiltered list separately for positive and negative numbers]

Slide 337 [Showing an example of the CHOOSE function]

Slide 338 [Showing five numeric formats with their keyboard shortcuts]

Slide 339 [Showing examples of the INFO function's numfile argument]

Slide 340 [Looking up two columns for the relative index row and the lookup value]

Slide 341 [Showing a multi-criteria lookup for the relative row index and the lookup value]

Slide 342 [Showing the WEEKNUM function to return the week number of all dates in the year 2023]

Slide 343 [Calculating a Treasury Bill's yield and price]

Slide 344 [Showing how to find Excel's three wildcard characters (?, *, and ~) in a string, by using a preceding tilde character]

Slide 345 [Listing your workbook's macros in a message box]

Slide 346 [Highlighting the active row and active cell while not affecting other formats]

Slide 347 [Inserting page breaks at specific points in dynamic ranges]

Slide 348 [Creating a Query Table with a Web Query to get current stock quotes]

Slide 349 [Showing a class module example to monitor 12 text boxes in a UserForm for numeric entry only]

Slide 350 [Monitoring a UserForm title bar's Close button with the QueryClose method]

Slide 351 [Combining two first names with a single common last name]

Slide 352 [Showing the COUNTIFS function for multiple conditions, with math operators and wildcards]

Slide 353 [Conditionally operating on numbers within minimum and maximum boundaries]

Slide 354 [Getting the height of a single row, or a sum of the combined heights of many rows]

Slide 355 [Using the MATCH function to return a column's index number, actual number, and actual letter of a specified value along a row]

Slide 356 [Counting holidays and dates of observance between specified dates]

Slide 357 [Using a reverse VLOOKUP for times in milliseconds]

Slide 358 [Formatting a cell's positive, negative, and zero numbers to appear as custom-colored text]

Slide 359 [Adding 5 years to a date, accounting for leap years]

Slide 360 [Automatically converting a numeric entry without a colon into military time]

Slide 361 [Counting a specified month in a list of dates, and unique dates in a specified month]

Slide 362 [Evaluating embedded ActiveX CheckBox objects for which (if any) are checked]

Slide 363 [Counting a specified weekday between and including two dates]

Slide 364 [Formatting a comment shape's individual lines of text with a different color]

Slide 365 [Installing a control tip message when mousing over a disabled ActiveX control]

Slide 366 [Formatting to color and bold a specified word in all cells' constant strings]

Slide 367 [Showing the AGGREGATE function to subtotal a list with hidden rows for the median of visible cells]

Slide 368 [Showing Conditional Formatting for dates that are equal to, greater than, and less than a specified date]

Slide 369 [Showing elapsed times with custom formats for hours, minutes, and decimalized sums]

Slide 370 [Showing your active window's named ranges by setting its Zoom property to 39% or less]

Slide 371 [Using a keyboard shortcut to quickly paste special for values a range of formulas into a range of static constants]

Slide 372 [Calculating a date for Easter]

Slide 373 [Formatting positive numbers with a plus sign, and negative numbers with a minus sign]

Slide 374 [Calculating future dates of Thanksgiving for Canada and the United States]

Slide 375 [Showing two methods and their mathematical differences for enclosing a date in double quotes]

Slide 376 []

Slide 377 [Selecting a cell and automatically show its data validation drop-down list]

Slide 378 [Trapping the InputBox function's Cancel button using the StrPtr function.]

Slide 379 [Trapping the Application.InputBox method's Cancel button]

Slide 380 [Rounding elapsed time up or down to the next hour]

Slide 381 [Subtotalling data and stacking subtotal functions using a keyboard shortcut]

Slide 382 [Taking a picture of your worksheet area and pasting that picture object into your workbook]

Slide 383 [Expressing a number of inches as feet and inches]

Slide 384 [Programming a cell (or range of cells) to accept data entry only once.]

Slide 385 [Showing a formula that places a checkmark in a cell]

Slide 386 [Formatting a decimal number as its rounded fractional value]

Slide 387 [Calculating the maximum difference between two lists of numbers, and finding its row]

Slide 388 [Opening the Help window for a worksheet function by clicking its tooltip link]

Slide 389 [Testing with one formula if ALL cells in a range are empty, not just *look* blank.]

Slide 390 [Finding the minimum number in a list that is greater than a minimum floor]

Slide 391 [Determining if the value in one list is -- or is not -- in another list.]

Slide 392 [Calculating the percentage of numbers in a list that are greater than (or less than) a specified number]

Slide 393 [Showing an example of VBA's outdated but still-supported While…Wend loop structure.]

Slide 394 [Running a macro to produce six random unique numbers within a specified high and low boundary.]

Slide 395 [Showing an example of a Do…Loop While looping syntax, to efficiently find all unknown instances of a specified value.]

Slide 396 [Programming an R1C1 formula to sum each column's numbers along the same first empty row.]

Slide 397 [Programming an R1C1 formula to sum numbers in the first empty cell below each column's last entry.]

Slide 398 [Showing VBA's FormulaArray method, using the CELLS range property with R1C1 references.]

Slide 399 [Converting cardinal dates to ordinal date text values with a formula.]

Slide 400 [Showing cardinal dates as ordinal text dates or as ordinal true dates, with two VBA Worksheet_Change events]