Slide 401 [Filling selected cells to the right with the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut]

Slide 402 [Data Validating time entry in 5-minute increments with example custom formula =MOD(MINUTE(C5),5)=0]

Slide 403 [Calculating the number of days in a month, with a proration and verification example.]

Slide 404 [Disallowing a specified character using Data Validation, with the custom formula example =ISERROR(SEARCH(" ",E5))]

Slide 405 [Creating a named constant and using it in a formula, in this example adding a constant tax rate of 8.25%.]

Slide 406 [Further customizing a Social Security Number entry beyond its built-in Special format.]

Slide 407 [Using Data Validation as an alternative to locking cells and protecting the worksheet.]

Slide 408 [Conditionally Formatting cells with comments/notes, with a user-defined function as the formula rule.]

Slide 409 [Installing two conditional custom number formats in the same cell]

Slide 410 [Conditionally formatting every other group of "X" rows, in this example every other group of 4 rows.]

Slide 411 [Showing examples to list random unique numbers between a low and high range, using formulas without VBA]

Slide 412 [Stopping rows from being inserted on an unprotected sheet by using an array formula.]

Slide 413 [Cycling through your comments by selecting the Ribbon's Review tab, and in the Comments section, click Previous or Next.]

Slide 414 [Constructing a conditional OR formula using an array constant (not an array formula).]

Slide 415 [Showing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F that opens the Format Cells dialog box with the Font tab selected.]

Slide 416 [Showing the INDIRECT function maintaining a formula's intended range reference when inserting new rows inside the calculation range.]

Slide 417 [Showing a VBA InputBox example that limits to 3 attempts an incorrect -- or correct -- password entry.]

Slide 418 [Counting the times that cells in 3 lists on the same row match a single criterion value.]

Slide 419 [Showing a macro that creates and fits a Form button onto a cell, and attaches another macro to that Form button.]

Slide 420 [Showing 3 examples of an embedded ActiveX ScrollBar changing color depending on its value.]

Slide 421 [Running a macro that "clicks" an ActiveX Command Button.]

Slide 422 [Identifying the 2nd and 5th (for example) column numbers and cell values in their selected row of a multicolumn ListBox.]

Slide 423 [Showing the API calls and syntax for a macro to call and work with a modeless (floating) Message Box.]

Slide 424 [Showing an example of the custom format syntax to color a cell's font depending on its value type.]

Slide 425 [Using a macro to delete all pivot tables on the active worksheet.]

Slide 426 [Using a VBA macro to sum noncontiguous ranges of varying rows in a column.]

Slide 427 [Summing several ranges of rows across noncontiguous columns using your Ctrl key.]

Slide 428 [Showing Excel VBA's UNION method to simultaneously select (or operate upon without selecting) non-contiguous ranges.]

Slide 429 [Using a VBA macro to locate the address and adjacent cell's value of a found date, regardless of the date's format.]

Slide 430 [Programmatically changing the name of a named range.]

Slide 431 [Counting how many numerical digits are in an alpha-numeric string.]

Slide 432 [Automating your SpinButton to revert to its next valid value within a min and max numerical range.]

Slide 433 [Sorting a list that is located in an unknown range.]

Slide 434 [Showing a macro that plays 3 Windows Media sounds with message boxes.]

Slide 435 [Showing a reverse lookup for cells in records belonging to the last value in a list of repeated items.]

Slide 436 [Forcing a date entry to be in a certain month (or in this example, in either of two months).]

Slide 437 [Populating a text box and a worksheet cell with a single delimited string of several selected checkbox items.]

Slide 438 [Creating a sorted list of a worksheet's unlocked cell addresses onto another worksheet, in absolute and relative reference notation.]

Slide 439 [Avoiding the automatic creation of a hyperlink when you enter a string that contains the "@" character.]

Slide 440 [Bubble-sorting a ListBox at Initialization without touching the source data.]

Slide 441 [Toggling a command button's caption, back color, and code to select or deselect all ListBox items.]

Slide 442 [Bubble-sorting, by a specified field, a multi-column ListBox at Initialization without touching the source data.]

Slide 443 [Counting cells containing a specified word, and showing calculated differences depending on the function and/or wildcard being used.]

Slide 444 [Making data validation in one cell adjust its drop-down list depending on the data validated selection in another cell.]

Slide 445 [Showing how to stop seeing those annoying menu floaties!]

Slide 446 [Disabling the pop-up menu when right-clicking onto a worksheet tab.]

Slide 447 [Converting text (non-number) percent values to real decimalized numbers.]

Slide 448 [Looking up the max (or min or average) for each unique item in a list.]

Slide 449 [Counting multiple criteria in more than one criteria range.]

Slide 450 [Listing incremental cell values into a contiguous range, using two function alternatives: OFFSET and INDEX.]

Slide 451 [Extracting text between character sets of differing types, lengths, and instances.]

Slide 452 [Operating with the last number in a dynamic list]

Slide 453 [Reordering field locations in a VBA array.]

Slide 454 [Parsing a string at the position of the first numeric character.]

Slide 455 [Showing a vertical divider between ListBox fields without affecting the worksheet or source data range.]

Slide 456 [Identifying the source row and listing a selected record's contents of a ListBox having vertical field dividers.]

Slide 457 [Showing formula syntaxes that return the count of days between today and a future date.]

Slide 458 [Showing a conditional example of custom formatting numbers depending on being above or below a threshold you define.]

Slide 459 [Showing a two-column list as a single column list by its columns or rows, or as a two-row list of paired items.]

Slide 460 [Showing a macro that inserts a picture onto your worksheet, positioned at the top left corner of a cell you specify.]

Slide 461 [Comparing 2 ranges to verify same sizes and same contents even if appearing in different order.]

Slide 462 [For a little fun, here's a trick to give the illusion of erasing specific row headers.]

Slide 463 [Selecting discontiguous ranges using only your keyboard, without your mouse.]

Slide 464 [Selecting and then extending or contracting a contiguous range.]

Slide 465 [Using the HYPERLINK function that takes you to the first or last empty cell in a range.]

Slide 466 [Operating on specific embedded Form buttons based on their location, while leaving others alone.]

Slide 467 [Coercing a selected string item in a Data Validation list to be entered in the cell as an abbreviated string.]

Slide 468 [Producing static random numbers with static decimal places (4 in this example), using the Immediate window.]

Slide 469 [Using a formula to transpose a horizontal range vertically.]

Slide 470 [Selecting all worksheets as a group that have (optionally case-insensitive) "budget" in their tab names.]

Slide 471 [Using a VBA macro to open an Excel workbook in its own instance, with optional placement front or behind its preceding instance.]

Slide 472 [Using Text to Columns to separate and place each line of a cell's hard-line-fed text into its own cell.]

Slide 473 [Using VBA's ENVIRON function to list your PC's operating environment information.]

Slide 474 [Double-clicking any cell in a range of data to toggle-sort the range by ascending or descending order of that cell's column.]

Slide 475 [Converting text values to a numerical value scale.]

Slide 476 [Showing two non-VBA methods for creating a contiguous list of items located in every Nth cell (4 in this example) of a larger list on a different worksheet.]

Slide 477 [Limiting a UserForm's ListBox to a specified count (3 in this example) of selected items.]

Slide 478 [Customizing the right-click menu to modify your default double-click behavior by selecting an entire cell's contents for fast and easy editing.]

Slide 479 [Summing the last 4 (in this example) dynamic numbers along a row.]

Slide 480 [Creating new worksheets from a list of names, and hyperlinking the text items in that list to their respective new worksheets.]

Slide 481 [Converting all your worksheet formulas from relative to absolute references, and from absolute to relative references.]

Slide 482 [Keeping a real-time log of changes and edits to all of your worksheets' cells.]

Slide 483 [Sorting a list by several fields, and for readability, inserting an empty separation row at each change in the primary field.]

Slide 484 [Double-clicking a cell in a sorted current region to select (or identify to operate upon) all rows having the same value in a specified column.]

Slide 485 [Automatically updating and sorting a comment's text when a new unique Client name (in this example) is added to a list.]

Slide 486 [Creating a sorted list of unique items from a multi-column range of many repeated items.]

Slide 487 [Populating and working with a data validation drop-down list with dynamic dates from a named range on another worksheet.]

Slide 488 [Using the INDEX, MATCH, and CELL functions when the lookup value and the lookup range are in the same column.]

Slide 489 [Showing examples of navigating to a website for 2 pairs of embedded Form and ActiveX buttons, depending on their captions.]

Slide 490 [Extracting the second word in a string.]

Slide 491 [Explaining 2 methods (formula and VBA Change event) for one cell to show and maintain another cell's dynamic minimum (or could be maximum) value.]

Slide 492 [Measuring an inch for row height and column width.]

Slide 493 [Showing a formula that adds 1 month to a date, considering months that have 28, 29, 30, or 31 days.]

Slide 494 [Defaulting your time entries to PM instead of AM.]

Slide 495 [Hiding a List Box column that must be included in the List Box for other reasons.]

Slide 496 [Using a VBA macro to show or hide specific AutoFilter field drop-downs.]

Slide 497 [Listing your primary folder's subfolders and all the file names in each of them.]

Slide 498 [Showing a manual method to list a folder, its subfolders, and their file names, with no programming.]

Slide 499 [Converting a column letter to its number, and from a column number to its letter.]

Slide 500 [Showing 3 variations of coloring only the selected cell, or its row and column across the entire spreadsheet, or just inside the cell's current region.]