Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Moving a Cell’s Lines of Text into Separate Columns

I previously posted this example showing how to enter separate lines of text into a single cell. This example shows how to move each line of a cell’s text into its own cell.

The first picture shows five cells in range A3:A7 that each have three lines of text for a person’s name, street address, and their city, state, and zip code.


Step 1: Parse each cell’s lines of text. Select the range, and press the Alt+A+E keys to show the Text to Columns Step 1 Wizard.

Step 2: In the Text to Columns Step 1 Wizard, choose the Delimited option and click the Next button.

Step 3: In the Text to Columns Step 2 Wizard, select Otheras the delimiter, and in the Other field press the Ctrl+J keys. This will create an invisible character that delimits the cells’ individual lines of text. You do not need to go to Step 3; just click the Finish button.

The final result.

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4 comments on “Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Moving a Cell’s Lines of Text into Separate Columns
  1. aprenda aqui says:

    It is simply amazing how much content I take away from this site, here in Brazil I have presented to all my students, incredible their tips. Thanks for the content.

  2. Ruby Familola says:

    Please I need to enhance my skill on excel. Can you please help me

    • Tom Urtis says:

      There are all kinds of approaches to help you, but every person has their own way(s) of learning that work best for them. I can send you links to what can help you if you tell me what works best for you, such as books, or videos, or websites, or Excel forums, or whatever method(s) you find that work best.

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