Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: “Did You Know…”

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: “Did You Know…”

Did you know:
You can insert a new worksheet by pressing Shift+F11. Immediately thereafter, to continue inserting as many new worksheets as you want, press the F4 key.

Did you know:
You can enter any value in a cell, then select next cell below it, and reproduce that value by pressing Ctrl+' (Ctrl + apostrophe). Note that the value itself is reproduced but not the formatting.

Did you know:
Did you delete a sheet by mistake? You can restore it by immediately closing the workbook without saving it. When you reopen the workbook, your sheet will be restored.

Did you know:
Editing shortcuts on your keyboard…
• Copy – Ctrl+C
• Cut – Ctrl+X
• Paste with option to repeat – Ctrl+V
• Paste without option to repeat – Enter

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One comment on “Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: “Did You Know…”
  1. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the knowledge just getting to work on the computer after years of not being on it.

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