Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Entering a Static Date and Time

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Entering a Static Date and Time

As you probably know, you can enter =TODAY() and get the current date, or =NOW() and format the cell as a time to get the current time.

Those functions belong to a category of volatile functions, meaning they update themselves whenever the workbook changes, or is opened and closed. Sometimes, you want to enter a date or a time and have that entry be static — not changing unless you intentionally change it.

To enter the current date as a static (unchanging) value in a cell, press the Ctrl+; keys.

To enter the current time as a static (unchanging) value in a cell, press the Ctrl+Shift+; keys.

To enter a static date and time:

Step 1
Enter =NOW() in a cell as shown.
After that, to easily change that formula value into a static value:
• Select the cell.
• Press and release the F2 key.
• Press and release the F9 key.
• Hit the Enter key.

Step 2
It’s usually a good idea to format the cell to display a recognizable date and time. Right-click the cell, left-click to select Format Cells, and on the Number tab select your desired date and time format, then click OK.

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4 comments on “Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Entering a Static Date and Time
  1. Bill says:

    Is it possible to include the keystrokes into a formula or somehow program Excel to simulate the keystrokes automatically?

    • Tom Urtis says:

      Yes, it is possible but it requires VBA, with a user defined function or, in your case, assigning this macro to a custom key stroke like Ctrl+Shift+T

      Sub myNow()
      activecell.Value = now()
      End Sub

  2. Aasif T says:

    How to enter a static date in excel on my mobile (android), can u suggest something

    • Tom Urtis says:

      Excel worksheets and smartphones are not a good combination for data manipulation when it comes to the kind of functionality you are asking about. I understand what you are asking and I totally get why, but I just don’t work with Excel that way on such a small interface and so I cannot unfortunately offer an answer you can use. Sorry that I could not be of better help, but perhaps someone reading this has experience in this area and can chime in with a suggestion.

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