Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Hide the right-click Mini Toolbar

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Hide the right-click Mini Toolbar

In versions 2007 and 2010, there is a mini toolbar that appears when you right-click a worksheet cell. There is an option to show that mini toolbar but not an option to hide it.

In Picture #1, I have right-clicked cell D2 in order to copy the formula.
The mini toolbar above the right-click menu appears, uninvited, unwanted, and unavoidable.
What’s an Exceler to do?

Picture #1

To rid yourself of this nuisance:

Step 1
From your worksheet press Alt+F11 to get into the Visual Basic Editor.

Step 2
Press Ctrl+G to show the Immediate window.

Step 3
As shown in Picture #2, type this into the Immediate window and then press the Enter key:
Application.ShowMenuFloaties = True

Step 4
Exit the Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt+Q.

Picture #2

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18 comments on “Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Hide the right-click Mini Toolbar
  1. deeyem says:

    Just what I was looking for (I want to take screen shots without the annoying floating format bar, if anyone was wondering).

    Application.ShowMenuFloaties = True

    True? Really? Couldn’t they have made it a bit more obscure? Application.DontNotShowMenuFloaties …..

    • Tom Urtis says:

      The reason I posted this tutorial was the same reason you had for searching how to hide it…I wanted that darn toolbar omitted from screen shots.

      As you said, two enigmas combine to make this tip obscure. Floaties was the original term for the mini toolbar in Redmond during development of version 2007. For some reason that term stuck in the development team’s collective heads enough to be branded as the official term for the mini toolbar. As for the =True part, honestly, all one can do is look upward to the skies and ask why. It is the poster child for Microsoft’s unintuitive property settings.

  2. Locutus says:

    Didn’t work. I did exactly what you said and it’s still there. I even reloaded Excel.

  3. Parthiban says:

    Thanks a tone, I have been looking for this a long time now, nobody talks about this part of the Bar. all are talking about application.commandbars(“Cell”)

    Thanks again

  4. Nick Hewett says:

    Thanks for posting this Tom.

    It looks like someone got the values transposed in the ‘Set’ part of the “ShowMenuFloaties” object. The ‘Get’ part gives the correct result if you type ?Application.ShowMenuFloaties in the immediate window. Interestingly this means we can toggle the setitng by typing…

    Application.ShowMenuFloaties = Application.ShowMenuFloaties

    Bonkers huh?

  5. Mickele says:

    Yeah. Unbelievable! I cannot believe how many links I had to click before I got to your solution. Thanks and great job.

  6. Dean says:

    How can this be done in other Office 2010 applications?

  7. Dean Griffiths says:

    Any idea how to do this in other Office apps such as Outlook and Powerpoint?

  8. Mike says:

    How do you prevent a right click on a radio button only (not the whole sheet or cells)

    • Tom Urtis says:

      Can you elaborate on exactly what you are working with. By “radio button” I assume you mean option button. If so, is this an option button on a UserForm or is it an option button embedded onto a worksheet. And if it is embedded onto a worksheet, is it an option button from the Form menu or is it an option button from the ActiveX toolbar.

  9. WIMBO says:


  10. Peggy says:

    OMG! Finally I’ve gotten rid of that annoying popup and it was so easy with your solution. Thank YOU!!!!!

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