Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Hiding Zeroes in Cells

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Hiding Zeroes in Cells

Here’s a way to hide zeroes in cells, to improve the readability of your spreadsheet by making only the relevant non-zero numeric values visible.

Select the range of interest, right-click on that selection, and left-click to select Format Cells.

In the Format Cells dialog box:
• Select the Number tab.
• In the Category list, select Custom.
• In the Type field, enter #;-#;; (notice the semicolon separators).
• Click OK.

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4 comments on “Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Hiding Zeroes in Cells
  1. VENKAT says:

    why not do a conditional formatting coloring cells having 0 values in white.

  2. Camey says:

    Why don’t use the preferences/advanced option instead this one?

    • Tom Urtis says:

      Because every workbook or every worksheet or every zero value on the sheet would be affected. This way I posted, you have the full flexibility of formatting the zeroes where you want, not just everywhere but for certain places, and is easy to do with the formatting steps I showed.

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