Tom’s Tutorials for Excel: Selecting a Current Region

Tom’s Tutorials for Excel: Selecting a Current Region

There are times when you will only want to select a particular range of cells on your worksheet, such as a table to be sorted, or from which you will create a pivot table or chart.

Plan ahead by separating that table’s range from the rest of the worksheet’s other data. That way you can quickly select and work with the table’s Current Region, a range of contiguous cells bordered by an empty row and empty column.

In the above picture, the Current Region of A1:C10 shows a shoe store’s inventory of size 10 shoes. The range has been selected, which you can do quickly using either of two methods.

First, select any cell within the current region range. In the picture, I selected cell A1. Then…

Method 1:
Press the F5 key, click the Special button, select Current Region and click OK as indicated in the following picture.

Method 2
From your keyboard, press the Ctrl+Shift+*8 keys as shown in the next picture, where the “*8” is that key along the top of keyboard.

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