Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: The INT Function

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: The INT Function

The INT function rounds a number down to the nearest integer.
Example, in cell A1 is 2.7. In cell B1, the formula =INT(A1) returns 2.

For negative numbers, INT returns the next number away from zero.
If cell A1 holds -2.7, the formula =INT(A1) returns -3.
If you want a formula to return -2 in that case, use the TRUNC function, example

More examples for INT:

Round down to the nearest 5: =INT(A2/5)*5

Evaluate to True or False for a whole number in A1: =INT(A1)=A1

Week number of current year: =INT(1+(A2-DATE(YEAR(A2),1,1))/7)

Current quarter of current year: ="Q"&INT((MONTH(TODAY())+2)/3)&" - "&YEAR(TODAY())

Random number between 1 and 50: =INT(RAND()*50)+1

Values in A1:A10, return one of them randomly:=INDEX(A1:A10,INT(RAND()*10+1))

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