Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link to the XAT website?

The XAT website is at

How do I create my XAT account?

How do I login to my XAT account?

How do I purchase a test?

How do I take a test?

Where can I take the test?

XAT is designed for your convenience. You can take the test anywhere – at home, work, your favorite coffee shop – on any computer or device with internet access.

How long does the test take?

The test takes about 20 minutes to complete, starting with 36 multiple choice questions. If enough are answered correctly, you’ll see 24 advanced questions taking about 15 more minutes.

Why do the questions have a time limit?

XAT is a test you can take anytime, anywhere, without a proctor. The purpose of the countdown timer for each question is to award a test-taker’s pre-existing knowledge for correctly answering that question within a limmited but reasonable amount of time. Unanswered questions are marked Wrong.

When and where do I see my test results?

Your Scoring Summary shows your scores in each of 6 comprehensive Excel categories: Data; Editing; Formatting; Formulas; General; and VBA. There is a Final Score and a chart showing your test scores compared to all XAT test scores to date.


How is the test developed, and how can I know it is accurate?

Answer goes here.

I am an individual, not a company. Can I purchase a test for myself?

Answer goes here.

Why should I use XAT instead of doing testing for Excel in-house or using a different test?

Answer goes here.

What do I need in order to take the test?

Answer goes here.

Can job applicants be tested remotely, such as at their home?

Answer goes here.

Do I have to take the test as soon as I purchase it?

No, you do not need to take the test right away. You an take the test anytime after you purchase it; there is no expiration date. However, when the test starts, it does need to be completed at that time. You can take up to a 30-minute break during the test by clicking the Pause button.


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