Why XAT?

Internationally recognized Excel expert Tom Urtis created XAT to test everyone’s true level of Excel skills. XAT’s advantages:

• Placement agencies and hiring managers save time and money by using XAT to prequalify applicants quickly.

• Trainers and employers use XAT use XAT to fit their trainees’ skill levels into the right training sessions.

• Trainers easily compare test scores BEFORE and AFTER their training sessions. A huge plus for trainers.

• Job seekers confidently market their XAT-verified Excel skills.

• Unlike other tests, XAT does not bias menus, mouse or keyboard. Any method can give a correct answer.

• XAT fits your Excel testing needs – XLOOKUP, dynamic arrays, Office Scripts, or legacy – any skills important to you.

• XAT’s scores have False negatives. Unlike other tests, XAT does not bias the user’s preference for menus, mouse or keyboard. Any method can lead to a correct answer.

• Ask me about XAT’s testing platform: PowerQuery; Power BI; Word; PowerPoint; and specific job skills: data analysis; formulas; and programming. XAT is known for its scoring accuracy, skills relevance, user friendliness, and customer service.


I want you to succeed.

Your comments in the Feedback field of any reviewed question help me to improve XAT. Tell me a test question you want to see. All comments and suggestions come directly to me and are confidential. My direct telephone number in California is (925) 310-4170.

Tom Urtis

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